Hard Parts

We stock the internal and external "Hard" parts of the automatic transmission."Hard" parts is a term used in our industry to describe mostly parts made of steel, aluminum, brass, or magnesium. "Soft" parts are usually referred to as seals, o-rings, clutches, and gaskets usually made of paper, rubber, cork, or teflon.

"Hard" parts include pumps, cases, chains, drums, pistons, valve bodies, springs, hardware, sprockets, pans, side covers, Etc.

We stock 3 types of "Hard" parts:

Good used- These parts are removed from low mileage or good condition transmissions. We clean and inspect these parts for minimal wear. They are usually the least expensive choice.

Rebuilt / Re-manufactured- These parts are rebuilt or re-manufactured. They are a higher quality than good used parts. They may also be rebuilt to be stronger than the originals, or made of a different alloy ( ex. aluminum to steel). We re-manufacture most of our pumps and valve bodies to a higher quality and tighter tolerance than the originals. They are better than new."It's a quality thing".

New- These are parts that are brand new. Mostly they come from original manufacturer (OE, Mopar, Ford, AC Delco, Etc.) These are the most expensive. However, because we are a volume supplier we can often sell new parts for less than the dealer.