Some of the classic vehicles that Northeastern Transparts Co. has serviced or installed one of our re-manufactured transmission into. You can leave your vehicle with us and know that we will keep it clean and safe with the professional service that you demand!

We installed our remanufactured TH400 in this "unique" vehicle.

We installed our custom remanufactured C6 in this vehicle. We can do for Brown..."What can Brown do for you ? "-UPS

Our remanufactured TH400 went into this 1970 Chevelle SS.

We fixed some minor leaks on this really nice 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo

We fixed a no start, flywheel problem with this "pistol grip" Cuda.

This has our hi performance 700R4 transmission in it. This one is from the state of Florida!

This Mercury received our reman'd cruiso-matic transmission. A rare, beautiful car.

We put our re-manufactured performance TH350 in this cool ride.

A 1949 Ford with our 700R4 remanufactured transmission in it.

We installed our performance 700R4 into this car. It was done as a changeover. Check out our performance/changeover page to see how we did it.

We resealed this 2 speed transmission and did some minor engine tune up work!

Owned by our friends, the Danner family at Danner Collision we re-manufactured the C6 transmission for their beautiful car!

We installed our performance Torqueflite 904 in this fast ride. Owner Ray commented on our Testimonial Page Also.

This Nova has our hi-performance 700R4 in it (Behind a Big Block 496).

The owner installed our performance 700R4 into his car and we set it up for him. This has a 454 engine (beware of a sleeper?!)

We remanufactured and installed the transmission in this "oldie but goodie"!

We repaired the speedometer problem with this sweet Mustang!

We installed a new clutch and transmission for this 30th Anniversary Trans Am!

We did a simple cable adjustment to get the transmission to shift better on this one!

We installed our Re-man. performance TH400 in this really nice 1969 Camaro

We installed our Performance TH350 in this Nova from Chuck at Chuck's Service in West Seneca

The owner installed our Performance 700R4 "changeover" transmission and brought it to us to set up the cable adjustment for the proper shift points. He was amazed how awesome that job turned out!

The owner installed our Performance 700R4 transmission behind a Chevy 400 Small Block engine in this wild ride!

We fixed some minor transmission leaks on this trophy winner! Recently totaled in accident.