Remanufacturing / Rebuilding Process of Our Transmissions

We re-manufacture approx. 800 automatic transmissions yearly. We also rebuild, repair and/or reseal approx. 700 transmissions yearly. We also re-manufacture and/or rebuild transfer cases and manual shift transmissions. Our process is always based on quality, consistency, and efficiency. We ensure the highest quality transmissions, torque converters, transfer cases, and manual transmissions. That’s what separates us from the rest. We’re not your average transmission shop. We’re always staying “green” by using environmentally safe cleaners, soaps, and detergents. We recycle our waste oils, and recycle over 15 tons of aluminum and steel a year.

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  • Step 1. Transmission Core to Be Rebuilt or Remanufactured
    This is a transmission core with the torque converter. We locally pick up cores at no charge from our distributors. This is the original transmission that was removed from a vehicle. It is inventoried and identified to be correct for a particular application. We stock over 400 transmission cores from various vehicles that are in need of rebuilding.
    Step 2. Disassembly of Transmission Core
    The first step to a quality re-manufactured transmission. Our transmissions are fully disassembled, the waste oil is collected for recycling, and all the "Hard" parts are cleaned in our parts washer (looks and works like a giant dishwasher). All gaskets, seals, filters, o-rings, and sealing rings are discarded. The electrical parts, stators, and valve bodies of the transmission are washed in a different detergent by hand. The parts coming out of our parts washer are clean enough to eat off of.
    Step 3. Valve Body and Stator Rebuilding
    Because these items contain valves and valve trains, they are thoroughly washed, updated, and rebuilt by hand. Our precise grinding machine resurfaces stators to within .001" We discover many pumps and stators become warped from excessive heat. Because the stator and pump mate together, any warping can cause cross leaks and loss of oil pressure. We do it right, the first time ! "Its a quality thing".
    Step 4. Re-assembly
    Once cleaned the transmission is ready for rebuilding or re-manufacturing. Our highly trained and experienced re-builders build the entire transmission from top to bottom. Each doing their own individual transmission. They incorporate mandatory updates, parts, modifications, and proper torque specs. that are set by quality control. They also rebuild the stators and valve bodies for their particular transmission.
    Step. 5 Dynomometer Testing
    95% of our transmissions are dyno tested. We cannot test unique transmissions that have certain rare applications. We test the transmission for proper shift points, shift feel, line pressure, cooler line pressures, leaks, noises, human error, defective new parts, and torque converter functions. We also hot (185 degrees oil temp) and cold test them. We make sure it works properly before it goes into a vehicle, not after !
    Step 6. Painting & Tagging
    After dyno testing we paint our transmissions with a high temp., nickel color paint that won't flake on installation. Our transmissions also receive a tag that identifies all parts, labor, and is used for tracking. We are proud to put our name on our transmissions. Are the other guys ?