Muscle Cars/ Classics

American muscle and classic cars are becoming more and more popular. With higher horsepower and easier installations, we can help you decide what's the best transmission application for your classic. Higher stall torque converters, shift kits, or "tire chirping" shifts, we can provide all your wants and needs to get the best performing transmission for you. All of our high performance transmissions come with a 2yr./ unlimited mileage, parts and labor, warranty.

Diesel Trucks

Do you have a "smoke blowing" high performance diesel truck ? Are you looking to upgrade from stock horsepower and torque? Have you or thinking about installing a performance chip, PCM reflash, or programmer? Let us help you get the performance from your transmission that matches the engine upgrades you've made. We have billet, triple clutch, extra low stall torque converters of many combinations to fit your application. Also if your looking to upgrade your transmission, we have the knowledge and experience to build your transmission to withstand what ever you want to throw at it !

1968 Chevy Camaro we did a transmission change-over on.

This is our customer's 1968 Chevy Camaro that we removed the 3 speed, (TH350) Automatic transmission and then installed our 4 Speed, (700R4) automatic transmission. We provided great pics and our explanations of what the job entailed, so click on the link at the bottom of this page to see them. For even more pics of the nicest, classic, beautiful, unique, or high performance vehicles we've serviced, click here.

High Performance / Change-Over

We also build high performance automatic transmissions. With the rise of fuel prices we have also been a leader in changeover transmissions also.

Want the best of both worlds, high performance and better gas mileage for your muscle or classic car ? We’ve got one for you.

GM: Most changeovers we do are from TH350 or TH400 to a 4L60 (700R4) or 4l60E. For heavy duty we can build a 4L80E.

Dodge: Most changeovers we do are from 904 or 727 to A500 or A518.

Ford: Most changeovers we do are C-6 to AOD. 4R70W or AODE are also popular changeovers.

   Changeovers are popular due to the increase of gas prices. Many owners are removing 3 speed automatics and putting in 4 speed automatics. One benefit is, a lower first gear ratio with a 4 speed versus a 3 speed. So you get better acceleration off the line, and a quicker 1-2 shift at a lower speed, thus a quicker car. Another benefit is, at approx. 50 MPH the transmission shifts again into overdrive (4th gear) instead of staying in 3rd gear where the engine runs at a high engine RPM, therefor more fuel consumption. Our customers are amazed of the difference. They couldn’t believe the difference until they drove it.

  What makes us different than others is, we have done many changeovers. We also stock linkage, speedometer gears, cables, mounts, and know the specs. for drive shaft lengths when doing a changeover. We make it an easy and fun. Not a headache. The other guys will sell you a transmission with no idea how or care to installing one. We cover all the other necessary changes needed to be done to do the job right. We offer the changeover process not just a transmission in a box.

Things to keep in mind on a changeover: Flywheel, torque converter, linkage, T.V. cables, vacuum lines, mounts, cross member locations, speedometer calibration, drive shaft lengths, yolks, cooler lines, torque converter options, electronics and computers. We can help you do it right.

To see in detail a changeover that we did on a 1968 Chevy Camaro click HERE. You’ll be amazed.