Hard Parts

We stock the internal and external “Hard” parts of the automatic transmission.”Hard” parts is a term used in our industry to describe mostly parts made of steel, aluminum, brass, or magnesium. “Soft” parts are usually referred to as seals, o-rings, clutches, and gaskets usually made of paper, rubber, cork, or teflon.

“Hard” parts include pumps, cases, chains, drums, pistons, valve bodies, springs, hardware, sprockets, pans, side covers, Etc.

We stock 3 types of “Hard” parts:

Good used– These parts are removed from low mileage or good condition transmissions. We clean and inspect these parts for minimal wear. They are usually the least expensive choice.

Rebuilt / Re-manufactured– These parts are rebuilt or re-manufactured. They are a higher quality than good used parts. They may also be rebuilt to be stronger than the originals, or made of a different alloy ( ex. aluminum to steel). We re-manufacture most of our pumps and valve bodies to a higher quality and tighter tolerance than the originals. They are better than new.”It’s a quality thing”.

New– These are parts that are brand new. Mostly they come from original manufacturer (OE, Mopar, Ford, AC Delco, Etc.) These are the most expensive. However, because we are a volume supplier we can often sell new parts for less than the dealer.